300620 : Long Speedometer Pinion Gear for Mechanical Style Housings (#300620)

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Speedometer Pinion Gears

These speedometer pinion gears are the long design used in the mechanical style housings found in most of the Jeep YJ New Process 231 transfer cases. These are also used in Atlas Transfer Cases using the mechanical style speedometer housings.

Most of gears that we offer below are imported gears and may require a small modification.  On some of these gears, the square hole on the shaft of the gear may be a snug fit to the speedometer cable.  If this is true in your application, you may be required to sand or file on the square stock at the end of the speedometer cable to fit the gear.  However, most of them fit fine and do not require this modification.


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by Jeffy, from California

It's a Gear!

Well, there isn't really much to say about the speedometer gear other then it works. I've had to calibrate my speedometer several times over the years for different tire sizes so I've become accustom to having a accurate speedometer. Not to mention the PCM uses the VSS signal for fuel curves and timing. So it's somewhat important. It's crazy how expensive these gears have become in recent years though. It's still cheaper and easier to install then the electronic signal modifiers out there.

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