27-3531R : AX15 installation kit for the1980-86 Jeep CJ7

27-3531R : AX15 installation kit for the1980-86 Jeep CJ7 (#27-3531R)

Retail Price: $609.00

The AX15 transmission works well as a replacement transmission for the CJ7s or as a great transmission when performing an engine swap. The AX15 is approximately 2-1/4" longer than the stock Jeep T5, T4, and SR4 transmissions, and 4-3/4" longer than the T176 transmission. When retrofitting the stock transmission with the AX15, driveline modifications are to be expected.

The AX15 also works well when performing an engine swap. We currently manufacture bellhousing adapter plates or a full conversion bellhousing to couple the AX15 to the GM V6 & V8 blocks, the Ford V8 blocks, and the Jeep blocks. Depending on the choice of engine along with the placement in the frame rails, driveshaft modifications may not be necessary.

Even though the AX15 has the correct output shaft spline count to fit to the Dana 300 transfer case and the correct indexing, the rear bolt pattern is slightly rotated from that of the Dana 300.

When installing the Dana 300 to the AX15, you may be required to modify your transfer case shifter. The pivot pin on the Dana 300 transfer case must be installed so that the cotter pin is closest to the new transmission. You may also be required to grind a bit of the transmission webbing to obtain clearance for the pivot pin. The shifter handle should fit without any modifications.

The AX15 transmission uses a 4 bolt rubber crossmember support. Our kits supply a crossmember adapter plate to change the four bolt crossmember transmission pad on the AX15 to a two bolt pattern mount that was used on your stock Jeep. The location of the rubber crossmember mount may not line up with the stock skid pan slots; therefore, you may be required to re-slot your stock skid pan to fit the new transmission assembly.

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