27-3507AX15 : Peugeot Replacement Kit (AX15 Included)for use with NP207 Transfer Cases. (#27-3507AX15)

Retail Price: $2,486.20

This transmission assembly is for Jeeps previously equipped with a Peugeot 5-speed transmission. The Peugeot 5 speed transmission is considered a light-duty transmission. When retaining the stock 6 cylinder, the NV3550 and AX15 transmissions are exactly the same length as the Peugeot. They can be installed in Jeep Wranglers without driveline modifications. This assembly fits Jeeps YJ model year 1987 with the 207 transfer case. The overall length of the new transmission will be within 1/4" of the original Peugeot tranny. This kit comes with a new 23 spline New Process input gear for your transfer case. The transfer case must be taken apart to install this new input gear. These kits include a new transmission, bellhousing, crossmember adapter, transfer case shifter bracket, slave cylinder kit, transfer case input gear, and a transmission shifter handle.

This Kit Replaces the Peugeot BA10/5 with the Asin AX15 5 Speed. This kit is specifically for replacing transmissions that were originally coupled to the NP207 transfer case. This kit includes a brand new Asin AX15 Transmission that carries a 12 month warranty.

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