27-3507AA : NV3550 Installation Kit for the 1987 Jeep Wrangler with NP207 (#27-3507AA)

Retail Price: $894.24

The NV3550 transmission is the exact same length as the Peugeot 5 speed, which makes this transmission an ideal swap. The transmission shifter towers are within 1" of each other, so floorboard modifications are very minimal. Since the length of these transmissions are the same, and the fact is that most customers prefer not to do driveline modifications, we opted not to manufacture a transfer case adapter to couple the 23 spline NV3550 to the 21 spline transfer case. We, therefore, provide a new input gear for either the New Process 207 transfer case.

The only available rotation for the New Process transfer case to the NV3550 is the 13 degree rotation. This could cause some floorboard interference on vehicles that originally had a 23 degree stock rotation. The bellhousing in these kits replaces the stock internal release bearing of the Peugeot transmission and provides a new external slave cylinder with the use of a release arm and a standard release bearing.

The transmission kits a new bellhousing, transfer case shifter linkage, crossmember adapter mount that retains the stock Peugeot rubber mount, slave cylinder kit, and an input gear for your transfer case.

This Kit Replaces the Peugeot BA10/5 with your supplied NV3550 5 Speed. This kit is specifically for replacing transmissions that were originally coupled to the NP207 transfer case.

PN712590 - Bellhousing Jeep engine to NV3550 5 speed

PN715545 - Transfer case linkage bracket PN716007 - Crossmember adapter plate PN716096 - New Process 207 input gear

PN716099A - Shift handle

PN716340 - Slave cylinder and hose kit

This Kit is the replacement of the Peugeot BA10/5 using the NV3550. This kit is specifically designed to work with the NP207 transfer case that was originally matted to the Peugeot BA10/5 Transmission. This kit includes adapters only, transmission must be purchased separately.

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