Dustin Bellew

Dustin Bellew

Position: Assistant General Manager / HR

Phone: 1-800-350-2223 Ext.525

Email: dustin@advanceadapters.com

More Info:

I have been with Advance Adapters since 1997. In my time here at Advance Adapters I have worn many hats and assumed the roles of various positions within the company (you name it I've probably done it at one point or another). I currently have settled into the roles of; Advance Adapters in house Art Department Graphic Designer, Marketing Team Member, E-Commerce Manager, & SAP Business One specialist. I enjoy producing instructional product demonstration and installation videos for the Advance Adapters product line. In my free time I play guitar for The Small Kicks , a home grown rock-n-roll group made up of 7 friends from Paso Robles. I am also a SASS member and enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting and playing video games when I get the time.

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