Jeep AX15 Transmission


This transmission is manufactured by Aisin Warner. The overall transmission case length is 24.000". The output shaft on this transmission is 23 spline and protrudes approximately .400". This transmission is normally found coupled to the AMC 4.0L 6 cylinder engine and seems to be one of the better transmissions Jeep used, being very capable of handling the horsepower and torque of a V8 engine.


Transmissions from 1989-93 used an internal release bearing, while 1997-99 transmissions were switched to the external slave cylinder. We have seen both internal & external release bearings used between 1994-96; therefore, we suggest that you verify what you have. The input shaft length of this transmission is 7-1/2". The input shaft spline is an 1-1/8" 10 spline, which is the same as Chevy. The pilot tip diameter is .590" on transmissions 1989-96, and .750" on transmissions 1997-99.





 This transmission was coupled to the NP231 transfer case and the transmission was found most commonly in the Jeep YJs, TJs & XJs.


Although the torque specifications are not listed on this transmission in any service manual, we feel it’s similar enough to the NV3550. The NV3550 was the transmission that superseded the AX15; and Jeep used the same engine with the same vehicle ratings.


We carry new AX15 transmissions and offer numerous adapter kits for it. We also offer kits to retrofit the AX15 into many vehicles.