Ford C6

Ford C6 Transmissions  

The C6 is a Ford heavy duty 3 speed automatic. The gear ratio is also identical to the C4 transmission. The C6 has a case length of 20", which includes the bellhousing. This transmission was used up to all three Ford block bolt patterns. The bellhousing and case are integral (one piece); therefore, the C6 has 3 different casings.  

This transmission was used in vehicles 1967 to 1996. It is a 3 speed transmission and was built around a Simpson planetary gear set. It was very similar to the C4 transmission but could handle greater power. It was used primarily in trucks, although it was also used in some larger cars with larger engines. 

The C6 was replaced by the E4OD, which was modified to include a fourth gear and electronic shift controls, replacing the hydraulic control mechanism of the C6.

Forward Speeds.... 3 

Dates Produced....1967-1996


Case Length....20.00

Stock Adapter Length.... 5.71

Bellhousing Length...Integral

Over All Length....25.71

Case Material...Aluminum                            

Output Shaft Spline....31                            

1st Gear Ratio    ....2.46

2nd Gear Ratio  ....1.46

3rd Gear Ratio   ....1.00

Reverse Gear Ratio....2.18         

Transmission Weight...200

Max Engine Torque....256                          

Fluid Type ....Type F or Mercon

Fluid Capacity  .... 12.5 qts.