Ford C4

Ford C4 Transmissions

The C4 is a Ford 3 speed, medium duty automatic transmission that was in production from 1964 to 1982 when it was replaced by the C5 with a better and improved lock up torque converter. It also has a Simpson planetary gear set. We recommend obtaining a 1970 & newer transmission for conversions. 

The C4 has an aluminum alloy three piece case (bellhousing, case and tailhousing). The transmission case length is 11.180", and with the bellhousing measures 17.00". It was put behind in-line 6 cylinder engines along with Ford small blocks, 289, 302 and 351 Windsor engines. 

Because of the removable bellhousing on the C4, this transmission can be used on the 351 Cleveland blocks with a stock C4 big block bellhousing, although these bellhousings are rare and hard to find. The C5 had a longer, deeper bellhousing to accommodate for the larger torque converter. Large bellhousings were used on FE or big blocks like 351M and 460s, and mostly used in trucks and vans. Small bellhousings were used in passenger cars like Mustangs, Granadas, Pintos and Fairmonts. 

Oil pan dipstick: Car dipsticks push into the pan whereas the truck dipstick screws into the pan. 

We make adapters for the C4 to mate to the Jeep Dana 18 and 20 transfer cases, the Dana 300, and the later Jeep NP231s with a 23 spline output shaft. We also make kits for the Bronco Dana 20, Ranger and Explorer BW 1350 series transfer cases, and the Atlas transfer case. 

The adapter for the Atlas is a very short C4 adapter kit and makes the C4 a manually shifted transmission. This 2.9” long adapter is ideal for vehicles requiring a short drivetrain. PN50-2905 comes complete with a new output shaft and two castings. The output shaft in this kit is made out of 300M material. Some machining is required to the transmission.

 Transmission Data Ford C4:

 Forward Speeds .... 3

 Dates Produced .... 1964-1982 

 Manufacturer .... Ford       

 Case Length .... 11.18

 Bellhousing Length ... 5.82

 Over All Length .... 17.00

 Case Material ... Aluminum        

 Output Shaft Spline .... 28       

 1st Gear Ratio .... 2.46

 2nd Gear Ratio .... 1.46

3rd Gear Ratio .... 1.00    

Transmission Weight .... 85     

Fluid Type .... Type F or Mercon

Fluid Capacity ....  9 qts (302) or 10.25 qts (351)

Gross Vehicle Weight Rated .... 9,200 - 12,000

all measurements are in inches and pounds unless specified.