Borg Warner T10

Borg Warner T10 & Super T10  

Borg Warner produced many 3 speed manual transmissions. The first passenger car 4-speed was the T10. Early T10 transmissions were used in GM and Ford products. As horsepower levels increased, Ford designed the Toploader and GM the Muncie. GM replaced the T10 with the Muncie in 1963. Ford used both the T10 and Toploader.nd design. Before any purchase of our transfer case adapter kits you must identify which transmission you have. 

The gear rations that apply to the different models on the Super T10 transmissions: 

SERIES                   1st GEAR              2nd GEAR            3rd GEAR             4th GEAR             REVERSE

 T10-U                    3:44                        2:28                        1:46                        1:0                          3:33

 T10-W                   2:64                        1:75                        1:33                        1:0                          2:71

 T10-X                     2:64                        1:61                        1:23                        1:0                         2:49

 T10-Y                     2:88                        1:75                        1:33                        1:0                          2:49

 To accommodate increasing power levels, Borg Warner designed the Super T10. 

Ford and Chrysler used the "first design" Super T10 transmissions from 1965 to the early 1970s. The "second design" Super T10 was upgraded in a GM only version. The Super T10 was used in GM vehicles from 1975 to 1983.

The main difference between the Muncie and the Borg Warner is that the Muncie has a 7-bolt side cover and the Borg Warner has a 9-bolt side cover.

The T10 / Super T10 transmission adapters we manufacture will normally require the installation of a new output shaft. We only offer kits for the Super T10 thin hub, thick hub & 2.

This transmission is side-shifted and will require a shift bracket and shift rods. We offer an adapter kit that includes a new main shaft and a 5.75" aluminum housing, and the necessary seals and hardware. We do not include a sealed bearing or a index retainer in this kit. When ordering this kit you will also need to consider a Hurst shifter, shifter bracket, and shifter rod kit.

Forward Speeds .... 4

Dates Produced .... 1956 - 1983

Manufacturer .... Borg Warner       

Case Length .... 10.00

Stock Adapter Length .... N/A

Bellhousing Length ... 6.50

Over All Length .... 16.50

Case Material ... Aluminum       

Input Shaft Spline .... 1-1/8 10 spline

Length .... 6.50

Pilot Diameter .... .590

Length .... 1.00       

Output Shaft Spline .... 27

Transmission Weight .... 100