715562: Shiftster - Manual Shifting Knob for Electric Borg Warner Transfer Cases (#715562)

715562: Shiftster - Manual Shifting Knob for Electric Borg Warner Transfer Cases

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 Vehicle Aplications include: Ford F150/250's, fullsize Broncos, Bronco II's, Rangers, Explorers & Expeditions with the Borg Warner 13-56, 13-54 and the 4000 series electrically shifted transfer cases. Most model years from 1986 thru 2010. The Lincoln Navigators 1998-2002. The Mercury Mountaineers 2001-2007. The Mazda Navajo & B series trucks. The Mercedes Benz ML320 & ML430's. The Range Rovers with the Borg Warner P38 transfer case. The Indian built (Mahindra) Armada Grande. GMC Hummer 2003-2005, and the GMC Yukon, Sierra, Silverado and Suburban 2003-2005.

The Shiftster is a simple mechanical shifter upgrade for the Borg Warner electrically shifter transfer case. With a quick flick of the wrist, it easily shifts the Borg Warner electric transfer cases through it’s available ranges of gears. The rugged, spring loaded locator pin securely locks the shift shaft of these transfer cases into the user desired range, preventing the shaft from rotating and possibly causing internal damage to the transfer case, due to the gears not being fully engaged and slipping and/or grinding. If you own a vehicle with an electrically shifted transfer case, the Shiftster should be included in your trail repair kit and carried at all times. It’s very inexpensive compared to the piece of mind that it will bring you.

The shiftster can be installed in a matter of minutes and is easy to operate;

1). Stop your vehicle (preferably on a flat section of trail), place your transmission in neutral and apply the emergency brake. Turn off the ignition and then exit your vehicle. Now you can just reach under the vehicle (under the driver’s seat on most vehicles), pull up on the Shiftster’s small plastic knob that operates the spring loaded locator pin and rotate the handle clockwise 90 degrees (to roughly the 8:00 position). The locator pin will drop into the second hole which now puts your transfer case into 4 HIGH. And you’re done. Now you just have to go lock your front hubs (if so equipped) or merely get into your vehicle and continue driving if you still have automatic hubs. It’s really that simple.

2). Need more power? Then it’s probably time for 4 LOW. And the method to do so is virtually the same as outlined above….stop your vehicle, apply emergency brake, shift into neutral and turn off the ignition. Reach under your truck, pull up on the locator pin knob and gently rotate the handle clockwise another 190 degrees (towards roughly the 12:00 position). The pin will drop into the third hole and your transfer case will be securely locked in 4 LOW. Now you are ready to attack that steep hill side or river bed or canyon or beach.

3). When you are finally ready to end your trip and have to get back on the highway, you’ll need to reverse the above procedures. Stop your vehicle, apply the emergency brake and turn off the ignition. Get out and unlock your front hubs (if so equipped) and then reach under your seat and turn the Shiftster handle clockwise until the locator pin is at about the 11:00 position. Release the pin and it will fall back into the first hole, which is 2 HIGH. If you have automatic hubs you will have to follow the usual manufacture’s recommendation of having to back your vehicle up 10-15-20 feet or so to disengage the front hubs.

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