713094 : Dodge V8 engine mount kit (#713094)

713094 : Dodge V8 engine mount kit

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This weld-in, engine mount kit is designed for exclusive use in the 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wranglers. It is used to install the Dodge 318, 360, 5.2, & 5.9 Magnum engines

The weld-in engine mount kit includes our weld-in frame perches, rubber engine mount / cushions, fastening hardware and engine mount instructions. Driveline modifications are normally required and a 1” body lift is recommended.

Note: We do not manufacture Dodge to Jeep AX5/ AX15 / NV3550 transmission adapters. The Dodge transmission must be used.

General Info: The 5.2L and 5.9L Magnum gasoline engines have good dependability ratings and are wired similar to the Jeep power plants. The best donor vehicles are 1996 & newer Ram 1500 – 3500 trucks, Dakota and Durango trucks. Be sure, as we did, to get all wiring from the donor truck. If your auto dismantler will not unplug the connectors for you, please offer to do it yourself. You will need many of the plugs and wiring from the donor truck. Hacked and cut wires are difficult to trace because the factory service manuals reference the plugs in the schematics. The emissions equipment, such as the charcoal canister and leak detection pump are important to the computer when performing pre-startup diagnostics. Get all these parts now because if you have to buy them later you will spend a lot of dollars from the dealership - whereas the auto recycler may just “throw in” the parts you need.

The stock “Y” pipe is also a good starting point to help route the exhaust. Catalytic converters are also expensive aftermarket pieces, so get them too. If you are using a manual transmission, use a donor engine and ECM that was originally manual. Do not try to attempt to run the electronic overdrive transmission from the manual computer. It is more trouble than it’s worth.

We have found that removing the grille and fenders makes the conversion go much faster. The factory motor mounts must be removed to install the new weld-in mounts. Use a grinder to trim the mounts from the frame and upper control arm mount. Take care not to damage the suspension mount point. The V8 mount position is determined by a pre-existing dowel hole in the frame. Remove the large factory rubber mounts from the V8 (commonly found in Dodge truck applications) because they will not be used. The frame mounts are easily placed in the engine bay and welded. Be sure to have a qualified welder do this because the welds will be supporting about 500 lbs. Cleanup and painting should be done prior to lowering the V8 into the chassis. The rubber bushings will index into the upper mount and be secured with the 5/8” bolts into the lower mount. Reinstall the skid plate. While still on the hoist, trial fit the drivetrain assembly. Look at possible interferences with anything in the engine bay. It is best to install the transfer case now. Attach the linkage at the case. Adjustments and/or modifications may be necessary for the movement of the transfer case. Bracket PN715542 may be needed if using the NP231J.

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