52-0219 : Dodge NV4500 (gas) input shaft (#52-0219)

52-0219 : Dodge NV4500 (gas) input shaft


Note: Does not fit V-10 applications.

GM & DODGE INPUT SHAFTS: On the front of the transmission, the input shaft can vary depending on which type of transmission is being used. We have seen three different specifications of input shafts. The input shaft gear tooth counts are all identical on all 3 transmissions, except for the GM transmissions with the 6.34:1 gear ratio. Dodge also offered a early 19 spline input shaft 1992-93 transmissions, which is no longer available. This 19 spline shaft is interchangeable with all Dodge units and it will require a new retainer as well.

Transmission Input Shaft
All GM transmissions 1-1/8"-10 spline/.590" pilot tip
(excludes 4x2 H.D. 2001 & newer) (GM P/N12382877 or AA PN52-0221)

Dodge Standard Duty transmissions 1-1/8"-10 spline/.750" pilot tip
(Dodge P/N 4882357 or AA PN52-0219)

Dodge Heavy-Duty transmissions 1-1/4"-10 spline/.750" pilot tip
(Dodge P/N 4882358 or AA PN52-0228)

NOTE: All of the above input shafts will not work the 6.34:1 GM NV4500 transmission.


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