50-6902 : GM 700R4 to GM NP205 Adapter Kit (replacing TH400) (#50-6902)

50-6902 : GM 700R4 to GM NP205 Adapter Kit (replacing TH400)

Advance Adapter

The GM 700R4 main shaft kit is used when replacing a TH400 in model years 1971-84. Once installed into the 700R4, the output side of the 700R4 looks identical to a 4WD TH400 that is being replaced. The adapter kit includes a new output & spud shaft, plastic washer, adapter plate, TH400 gasket, o-ring, metric fastening hardware, and adapter instructions.

Transfer Case

The adapter assembly fits 1971-84 GM NP205. This adapter assembly requires that use of the original GM TH400 4wd adapter.


This kit is designed for exclusive use with the 700R-4 / 4L60 / 4L60E. The overall case length of the transmission is 23.375”, has non-removable bell housing, and a 4 bolt square rear case. Late model 4L60E automatics will have removable bell housing and a 6 bolt hex pattern rear case.

Note: The late model 4L60E automatics will require VSS kit. We manufacture two styles of VSS kit's, 716073 fit model years 1993-96 and 50-0405 fit model years 1997 to current.

1. GM New Process 205

3. GM 700R4 & 4L60

4. GM 4L60E

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