15-1000 : Uniraise - The Universal Drivetrain Jack (#15-1000)

15-1000 : Uniraise - The Universal Drivetrain Jack

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UNI-RAISE - The Universal Drivetrain Jack by Advance Adapters
  • Made in the USA
  • Shop and trail tool
  • Allows you to remove the crossmember and still support the drivetrain
  • CAD plated to eliminate rust
  • Supports up to 600 LBS
  • Adjustable
This new drivetrain jack is for installation shops and well as anybody that works on their own vehicles.  No more fighting the old floor jack in your way.  The Uni-Raise allows you to remove the stock crossmember while it supports the drivetrain from the frame rails.  The Uni-Raise is adjustable to different frame widths and capable of supporting 600 pounds.
The tool also works well as a trail tool to work on your drivetrain components.


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by Leonard Price, from Ocala / Florida

Best tool for the job

I purchased one of these with my 4 speed transfer case. I used it in my garage over a weekend and installed my new transfer case. This tool made the job so easy. if you have ever done something like this you know the standard lift get in your way. I had nothing in my way. This lift allowed me work freely under the jeep just the use of a creeper. Then with a simple turn of the jack i could use it to aline up everything to put my skid plate back after installation. If your doing your own install this is the one tool you really need. It will work on any vehicle. Best thing is if you are like me and your wife parks in the garage. You can just push it out for the night and then back in the garage in the morning.

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