50-6201 : Ford NP435 to Toyota Land Cruiser 10 Spline Adapter Kit


Advance Adapter
The Ford NP435 4 speed adapter to the Land Cruiser 10 spline transfer case is 3.250” in length. The adapter material is 356 T6 heat treated aluminum alloy and has a provision for a transmission mount. The adapter kit includes an adapter housing, 10 spline spud, gaskets, fastening hardware and adapter instructions.
Note: Adapter housing to NP435 bolt pattern is dual drilled to fit both 2wd & 4wd transmission cases.
Transfer Case
This adapter assembly fits 1963-73 10 spline transfer cases. The drive gear has 10 internal splines and a diameter of 1.375”. There cases are equipped with a vacuum style shifter. 
We manufacture many adapters for the Ford version of the NP435. These adapters do not work on the Chevy or Dodge NP435. This transmission has a case length of 10.875”. The 1st gear ratio is 6.69:1; 2nd 3.34:1; 3rd 1.66:1, and a 1:1 4th gear ratio. This transmission was used in Ford pickups from 1969 to 1979. It is easily identified by an aluminum shift cover. This transmission is available with two front input shaft lengths. The 6-1/2” input shaft stickout length is the ideal version to look for. When using this transmission, you will have to fabricate the necessary bracketry to connect the transfer case shifter linkage. 
PN716022 Crossmember. This popular mount bolts to that back of the transfer case.
50-6201 : Ford NP435 to Toyota Land Cruiser 10 Spline Adapter Kit 50-6201.pdf

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