Chevy V8 into 1984 or 1985 Toyota Truck?

When doing a Chevy V8 engine swap into a 1984 Toyota truck retaining the stock 5 speed transmissions there are a few considerations you will need to make along the way. Starting at the front of the vehicle here is a list of 14 automotive adapters required.

1. Engine Mount Kit: (Part Number PN713001-S) The engine mounts that we offer for this swap are a weld in style mount. They are a full mount system that includes everything from the frame rail to the block. These mounts fit all generation 1 and 2 Chevy small block V8’s with a triangular engine mount bolt pattern.

2. Body lift: Although a body lift is not required to complete a conversion on these vehicles, we recommend that you consider a minimum 2” body lifts in order to provide additional engine compartment and transmission tunnel area clearances. This will also provide additional clearance for the distributor cap.

3. Suspension Lift: When performing an engine swap on your Toyota 4WD, we recommend that you install a suspension lift. The suspension lift will be an asset to your vehicle when performing these conversions. It provides your vehicle with better ground clearance and wheel travel. The suspension lift will provide additional clearance between the front driveshaft and starter motor assembly. The installation of a V6 or V8 engine will also add additional weight to the front of your vehicle. For instance, your 4 cylinder engine weighs about 300 pounds. A new V8 engine will weigh in the neighborhood of 575 pounds; and a new V6 approximately 450 pounds. A suspension lift will normally provide the additional support to handle these heavier engines. If a suspension lift is not used on these vehicles, a helper spring or stiffer leaf spring may be required.

4. Radiator: (Part Number PN716698-AB) A new radiator will be needed due to the new larger engines cooling requirements and coolant volume. The radiator what we offer for this swap is constructed from tig welded aluminum, no epoxies are used. It is of a down flow design with the proper inlet and outlet locations for this swap. This radiator has been rated for use with engines up to 300 horse power. If a higher horse power engine is being run, a custom radiator will need to be constructed.

5. Cooling Fan: We offer two different cooling fan configurations for this swap, one in a push configuration (for pushing air through radiator) and the other in a puller configuration (for pulling air through the radiator) These 16” fans are 16.3” tall, 15.75” wide, and 3.39” deep at the fan motor. The fans are rated at 2070 CFM; and being that they are pre-shrouded, they are ideal for cooling larger engines. Our fan kits come complete with the needed wiring harness which is compatible with both positive and negative ground vehicles. The 3/8” pipe thread sending unit is designed to turn the fan on at 185 degrees and off at 170 degrees. The kit comes with a 40 amp relay, a fuse holder, and all other necessary hardware.

Puller Fan Kit (Part number PN716670) Pusher Fan Kit (Part Number PN716671)

6. Exhaust: We offer headers under (Part Number PN717011) they are a center dump rams horn style header and are available in Chrome and Non Plated bare metal finishes and occasionally in stainless steel.

7. Adapter Bellhousing Kit: (Part Number PN712560) This bellhousing will adapt the stock Toyota G52, G54, W56 or G58 to a Chevy V8 small block. This bellhousing is designed to work with a 10-1/2” flywheel & clutch assembly. A standard Chevy starter for the 10-1/2” flywheel will work in this bellhousing. If your engine of choice only had a 168 tooth flywheel option, our bellhousing will fit the larger diameter flywheel; however, you must use a hi-torque starter that does not have a nose cone. Engine blocks that may require the use of the 168 tooth flywheel are the late model 4.3 V6s. We offer a new hi-torque starter for these engines. Part No. 22-0001 fits both the 4.3 V6 and Chevy V8 blocks. Each bellhousing kit is furnished complete with a dust cover, custom pilot bushing, modified release arm, ball pivot, and necessary hardware.

8. Clutch Components: Due to the geometry and setup of our custom bellhousings we recommend using the clutch parts listed below for this conversion.

9. Flywheels: *P/N PNCF700100 - 153 Tooth Flywheel for engines older than 1986 having a 2 piece rear main seal. *P/N PNCF700170 - 153 Tooth Flywheel for engines 1986 and newer having a 1 piece rear main seal. P/N PNCF700120 - 168 Tooth Flywheel for engines older than 1986 having a 2 piece rear main seal. P/N PNCF700160 - 168 Tooth Flywheel for engines 1986 and newer having a 1 piece rear main seal.

(* indicates preferred option)

10. Clutch Disc: P/N PN716105 – 10.5” 1 Inch 21 Spline Clutch Disc.

11. Pressure Plate: P/N PNCF360056 – 10.5” High Profile Diaphragm Style Pressure Plate for use with 153 Tooth Flywheels. P/N PNCF165552 – 11” High Profile Diaphragm Style Pressure Plate for use with 168 Tooth Flywheels.

12. Release Bearing: P/N PNN1430 - Flat Face Release Bearing

13. Slave Cylinder: P/N PN716213 - We have designed our new bellhousing assembly around the exclusive use of a Toyota Land Cruiser slave cylinder assembly. This slave cylinder, P/N 716213, is not furnished with the adapter bellhousing and can either be purchased separately from us or from your Toyota dealership under Part No. 31470-60022. This slave cylinder will bolt directly onto the new bellhousing. The stock Toyota Land Cruiser push rod cannot be used; however, our bellhousing kits come with a new adjustable push rod for the slave cylinder. The fitting size on the Land Cruiser slave cylinder will interchange directly with the original Toyota master cylinder clutch line.

Note: The stock Toyota master cylinder has a cylinder bore of .625”. The stock Toyota slave cylinder, which couples to the master cylinder, has a cylinder bore of .8125”. The new Land Cruiser slave cylinder has a cylinder bore of .750”. This new Land Cruiser slave cylinder will actually obtain more throw than the stock Toyota slave cylinder.

14. Starters: P/N 22-0001 - This is a high torque nose cone-less starter, this starter is mandatory if you are using a 168 tooth flywheel. P/N 22-0003 - This is a high torque nose cone-less starter for use with 153 tooth flywheels (Optional)

For more information about this swap please download our Toyota Truck & 4 Runner technical swap manual.


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